Content MBA

A step by step blueprint to grow a wildly profitable audience on instagram and/or youtube.

Use the same methods I use to grow your audience faster than ever before.

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I reached 100k views on YouTube and 8k subs in 2 weeks

John M

After our 2nd call I felt like I had got an MBA in content! He’s a dictionary for content ideas

Tim Armoo
Founder, Fanbytes (acquired)

I've witnessed his journey of growing an Instagram page to over 1.1 million followers

Stein Kolkman
Founder @psychology_posts

We grew from zero to 50K in less than 3 months after working with DIP. He knows content better than anyone.

Jamie Huysman
C Level Exec / Founder

DIP is the best I've seen for Youtube or Instagram growth and monetization. As an online entrepreneur, these growth strategies have been game changers.

Ash Barbour
Founder G'day AI

Hi, Welcome to DIP

I have distilled everything almost everything I know about growing an audience online into this 4 hour program:

Find your niche and create a community of millions of potential customers
Learn the art of growing on YouTube
Unlock the secrets of growing with short form content
Build systems. Automate.

My Results Using These Methods:

Followers across personal & client accounts
Subscribers on DIP YouTube in 6 months
Followers on Repute Forge Instagram in 3 months
Followers in
10 days
Followers in
10 days
Followers in
10 days


7+ years in business
I’ve distilled everything I’ve learned over the last 7+ years building successful personal and digital brands into this program.
Grow on
Youtube and Instagram
My only goal is to teach you everything I know how to grow a personal (or digital) brand on YouTube, & instagram
Build a profitable business with digital Products
Digital Founder will enable you to sell digital products like clockwork so you can capitalize on the worlds most valuable resources - attention.

Grow an audience on Instagram or YouTube faster than ever before.


The First Masters-Level Content Course

I have condensed the Instagram Blueprint and YouTube Course plus SO much more into Content MBA.

This 4.5 hour course reveals advanced secrets and methods I have used to grow DIP, @RF, and many more accounts to millions of followers and subscribers combined.  

I have spent the last 7 years learning how to grow on social media the hard way, and uncover the methods and strategies that top creators and digital entrepreneurs are using to cash in on the worlds most valuable resource - ATTENTION

Jamie Huysman
C Level Exec / Founder

Working with DIP has exceeded all expectations. We grew from zero to 50K followers on instagram in less than 3 months, and have reached over 10M accounts. Everyone who wants to grow on social media should have DIP on speed dial!

John M.
Youtube Channel Owner

I reached 100k views on YouTube and 8k subs in 2 weeks. Also got a brand deal affiliate. Big thanks for DIP for giving me so much guidance and great content along the way.

Stein Kolkman
Founder, Psychologyposts

I've witnessed his journey of growing an Instagram page to over 1.1 million followers, making it one of the largest in his niche and can vouch for his expertise in this field. He has a talent at spotting opportunities and making money from social media and really understands how it all works

Tim Armoo
Founder, Fanbytes (acquired)

As someone who has built and sold a successful company in the influencer space, I thought I knew a lot about the space...then I met Clay. After our second call I felt like I had got an MBA in content! His ability to understand formats and scripting too is unparalleled. Also he's a dictionary for content ideas and can easily pick working threads from one niche and then pull them into your niche. It's incredible, so much so I continue working with him

What’s Included in the program ?
3 Modules (foundations, youtube, instagram)
Over 4.5 hours of video content
Scripting Advice
Exclusive Community with other Digital Entrepreneurs
Instagram Blueprint + YouTube Blueprint
Content Strategy Template
Viral Methodology
Algorithm Breakdowns
Why Certain Content Perfroms
Digital 2nd Brain (Notion template)
Viral Vault  (over 100 proven video concepts)
Viral Scripting Templates

Weekly Live Calls
with DIP

Perhaps the most valuable element included this incubator program are the weekly group coaching calls with DIP.

I will advise on the challenges you are facing and work with you to ensure you are moving in the right direction.

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Is Content MBA right for me ?

Committed and dedicated creators who will take action
Creators interested in the YouTube Automation model using an Avatar
Creators looking to build a personal brand on YouTube
Existing Youtubers who looking to scale and make more money
Are willing to invest, time, energy and finances into starting this operation
Entrepreneurs looking to get traffic from YouTube
People looking for a quick fix to business. YouTube success is a marathon, not a sprint
People who are looking for a “done for your service”. I am here to advice you and apply my knowledge to your process, not to do all the work for you
People who are NOT willing to invest in their goals and dreams
People who are unwilling to follow the tools and practices that actually work

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